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Kinetic Recovery Ropes – Heavy Duty Snatch Ropes

1/2" x 25 ft. Kinetic Recovery Ropes

Kinetic Recovery Ropes can pull you out of just about any situation including mud, sand, silt, or snow. Kinetic Recovery Ropes provide superior performance, strength and durability compared to conventional recovery and tow straps. The Kinetic Recovery Ropes ability to elongate, up to 30%,  under load allows it to use it’s own kinetic energy to help reduce the amount of energy needed to recover your vehicle.  TRE uses a double braided nylon rope that feature a urethane polymer coating making them resistant to UV, water and abrasion. Our recovery ropes are commercially braided and spliced with heavy duty loops on each end allowing multiple ways to make connections no matter what type of vehicle you are trying to recover.

Kinetic Recovery Rope Features: 

  • Urethane Polymer Coating to protect against abrasion, water and UV
  • Heavy Duty eye loops on each end to make connections easy
  • Ultimate transfer of the pulling vehicle’s kinetic energy by elongating up to 30%
  • Absorbs bounce upon take off unlike cables, chains, or standard tow straps
  • All TRE kinetic recovery ropes have Orange eye loops

TRE currently offers Kinetic Recovery Ropes in many different strengths depending on the weight of the vehicles being pulled.

Our 8500 lb capacity Kinetic Recovery Rope is perfect for UTV and side by sides weighing up to 4000 lbs. This rope is 1/2″ diameter and 25 ft in length.

Our 18,000 lb. capacity Kinetic Recovery Rope is perfect for Jeeps and other vehicles weighing up to 7,000 lbs. This rope is 3/4″ diameter and is 25 ft. in length.

Our 32,000 lb. capacity Kinetic Recovery Rope is ideal for large heavy Trucks and vehicles weighing up to 15,000 lbs. This rope is 1″ in diameter and 30 ft. in length.

Our 46,000 lb. capacity Kinetic Recovery Rope is for big heavy vehicles and construction equipment weighing up to 25,000 lbs. This rope is  1 1/4″ diameter and 30 ft. in length.

Factors on choosing a the right Kinetic Recovery Rope

There are a couple things you should keep in mind when determining which Kinetic Recovery Rope is right for you

  1. What is the weight of the vehicle you will most likely be pulling
  2. Are you pulling or snatching a vehicle that is stuck in deep mud, sand, silt or snow ( Kinetic Ropes are not made for towing

Also for Kinetic Recovery Ropes bigger is not necessarily better. These ropes are designed to be effective when they have the ability to stretch to help recover a vehicle. If you choose a rope that is too large of a capacity for the weight of the vehicle you will not get the Kinetic energy needed to be effective during the recovery. We suggest for most off road vehicles the 18,000 lb. rope to be the most effective.

If you would like to see more description of each of our ropes, then please check out this link Kinetic Recovery Ropes.