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Safety Thimble II : Uses Less Connection Points with a Bow Shackle than the Competitors

Safety Thimble II: Bow Shackle connection

Safety Thimble II: Correctly Designed Eyelet

One of the most impressive features of the Safety Thimble II is the shape of the “eyelet” in the thimble. This purposely designed eyelet was originally designed for use with 3/4″ Bow Shackles (usually misnamed as D-Rings, but can also be referred as an Anchor Shackle). The eyelet on the Safety Thimble II uniquely allows a 3/4″ Bow Shackle to be inserted into the thimble using either the “pin” end or the the “loop” end. Why is this significant? Because this allows the use of only one Bow Shackle to be used in a recovery. Winch Thimbles designed with just a round eyelet requires the user to use 2 Bow Shackles to make a connection. As everyone is aware, using less connection points reduces the amount of breaking points during winching. Less breaking points means less chance of a catastrophe happening while you are winching under a load.

Here is how you would have to connect a winch thimble that uses a round eyelet. It even looks ridiculous doesn’t it? To not embarrass our competitors we used our thimble as an example.

Safety Thimble II:
Not the way to make a safe connection.

Here is how you would correctly connect to one Bow Shackle that is attached to a bumper with a Safety Thimble II.

Safety Thimble II: Bow Shackle connection
Using a Bow Shackle with a Safety Thimble II

Hopefully this illustrates one of the highly thought our designs that was incorporated in the “Original” winch thimble, the Safety Thimble II. So if you have a thimble designed with just a circular hole for an eyelet, make sure you always carry 2 Bow Shackles ( D-Rings) or your thimble¬† will be useless to you when you really need it. If your thimble has the correct eyelet, but does not say “Safety Thimble II” on it , then you purchased a product that has purposely copied ours, as we are the “Original” Safety Thimble.

The “Original” Safety Thimble II was the first “Winch Thimble”, designed and used in the off-road industry. The Safety Thimble II has been in existence since 2004. For over 14 years, its well thought out design has made it unbeatable in Safety, not only for the user but also for your winching equipment such as the synthetic winch rope and Hawse Fairlead. In fact it is designed so well, that many competitors are now starting to copy it into their poorly designed products. Safety Thimbles are 100% made in the USA.

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