Tree Soft Shackle – 38,000 lb. Breaking Strength


Replace your standard tree strap with a Tree Soft Shackle. Our Tree Soft Shackle reduces the number of equipment need to make a connection point when anchoring to a tree while winching.

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Our Tree Soft Shackle is a direct replacement for Standard Tree Straps. The Tree Soft Shackle is made from Heavy Duty Dyneema SK75 synthetic rope and has a breaking strength of 38,000 lbs. This Tree Soft Shackle requires less connection points when using a tree as an anchor point while winching. The Tree Soft Shackle is 8 ft in length and can be wrapped around a tree so that our Safety Thimble II or a winch hook can be connected directly onto the tree shackle therefore eliminating the need to use any other connection equipment such as standard soft shackles or D-rings as would normally be required using standard tree straps. The Tree Soft Shackle can be used on trees, poles, rocks or any other object that you are using as an anchor point. Our Tree Soft Shackle can also be used the same way as any of our other Soft Shackles.

Tree Soft Shackle Benefits:

  • Reduces the amount of equipment needed compared to a standard tree soft shackle
  • Diameter of 7/8″ reducing the chance of damaging trees
  • Can be used on trees, rock, poles or anything else that doesn’t have sharp edges
  • 8 ft. in length
  • Has a 4 ft. heavy Duty Nylon sheath to help prevent abrasion

Note: We recommend using the Tree Soft Shackle on objects less than  than 24 inches in diameter

Some of the Advantages of Soft Shackles:

  • Lightweight – They are so light they even float
  • Strong – Made with heavy-duty SK75 Synthetic Rope fibers. Stronger than steel cable in the same size.
  • Can be wrapped around almost anything without causing damage to the vehicle or scratching paint.
  • Our soft shackle design includes an easy to pull string that make it easy to loosen the soft shackle after use.
  • Easy to store – place them under your seat, in your pocket or wrapped around your roll cage

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 5 x 5 in