Orange 10ft Rock/Tree Strap – Fully Sheathed


Our 10 ft. Rock/Tree Strap is fully sheathed with soft eyelets on each end with a breaking strength of 23,500 lbs.

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Orange 10ft. Rock/Tree Strap – Fully Sheathed – 23,500lb. Breaking Strength

TRE’s Orange 10 ft. Rock/Tree Strap Rock/Tree Straps offer a wide range of use for recovery. Each Orange 10 ft. Rock/Tree Strap is made with heavy-duty, light-weight 12 strand SK75 Dyneema winch rope that is fully sheathed in a durable nylon webbing with a breaking strength of 23,500lbs.. Each Rock/Tree Strap has closed eye loops on each end that can be used to connect to anything using soft shackles or D-rings.  The nylon sheathing used on our straps allows you to use this product in rough surfaces such as jagged rocks and trees. The Rock?Tree Strap can also be used as a winch extension or to do straight line pulls.

Orange 10 ft. Rock/Tree Strap Features:

  • Made from SK75 Dyneema winch rope
  • Fully sheathed in durable nylon webbing
  • 23,500lb. breaking strength
  • Available in Black and Orange

Orange 10 ft. Rock/Tree Strap Uses:

  • Can be wrapped around rough surfaces such as rocks and trees used as a winch point
  • Can be used as a winch extension
  • Can be used for direct straight line pulls

*Note: Straight Line pulls are when you are using the Rock/Tree Strap similar to a tow strap to pull a vehicle using constant even tension. Our Rock/Tree Straps are not meant to be used in a recovery situation where uneven tension or yanking is needed, instead a kinetic recovery rope would be needed for that situation.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 12 in