Safety Thimble I – UTV Winch Thimble for up to 1/4" Synthetic Rope

Synthetic Winch Rope - Blue
Synthetic Winch Rope – Blue

The Safety Thimble I – UTV WInch Thimble is a smaller version of our Original Safety Thimble II for 3/16″ to 1/4″ synthetic winch ropes and are perfect for ATV and UTV that use the smaller winches. They are designed to be used with a 1/2″ Bow/D-ring Shackle or our UTV Soft Shackles.

The Safety Thimble I is designed to prevent the thimble from getting pulled into the Hawse Fairlead where most accidents happen in winching,often due to winch “run-on” from electric winches. The winch Safety Thimble I is designed with several features to reduce the risks during the inherently dangerous activity of self-recovery with a winch. Unlike hooks and standard steel thimbles, the flat base lands flat on the face of the fairlead to prevent pulling through the fairlead and also prevents damage to rollers and the smooth radii of Hawse Fairleads. The Safety Thimble I forces the user to use safer connections than a shackle can afford when performing recovery operations. The Safety Thimble I is designed to allow the least number of connections due to the fact that an anchor shackle will fit the thimble either by the pin or the body of the shackle.

The Safety Thimble I – UTV Winch Thimble is small enough to use on UTV, ATV, Razors, Rhinos and other small capacity utility vehicles or winches under 5,000 lb capacity using no larger than 1/4″ synthetic winch rope. The Winch Safety Thimble is easy to use with  ATV & UTV Soft Shackles, ATV Synthetic Winch Rope as well as our Tow Ropes.

Features of the Safety Thimble I – UTV Winch Thimble:

  • The Safety Thimble is precision machined CNC 6061 Aluminum
  • The diameter and shape of the eye on the Safety Thimble is designed to adhere to minimum radius requirements to achieve rated breaking strength of the synthetic lines.
  • The design of the eye has a deep groove that allows protection against abrasion on synthetic winch line.
  • The Flat Base design fits securely against the fairlead and will not damage the fairlead. This is important because a scratched fairlead causes abrasion on synthetic ropes that can cause them to break.
  • Made in the USA! The Safety Thimble is 100% designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped in the USA.
  • Safety Thimble I comes in the most popular colors such as Blue, Orange, Black, and Red

Note: ** Black Safety Thimbles are anodized  with an Mil-Spec Electrolytic Two Step Process to help resist fading.

NOTE: Safety Thimbles are designed to be used with shackles for rigging. Hooks can not be used.