7/16 Winch Rope - Replacement Winch Rope for 10,000 lb. to 15,000 lb. Winches

7/16″ Winch Rope to replace your steel winch cable or worn out synthetic winch rope, then this is the package for you. Tactical Recovery Equipment offers 7/16″ Winch Rope, each Replacement Winch Rope includes 12 strand SK75 Dyneema Synthetic rope rated to 26,000 lbs, 6 ft. black nylon sheathing, a new drum attachment and the Original Safety Thimble II.

7/16″ Winch Rope Includes:

  • 7/16″ Dyneema 12 strand Synthetic Winch Rope rated to 26,000 lbs.
  • Standard Steel Tube Thimble or choce of Safety Thimble
  • Black Nylon Sheath (6 ft. ) – Helps protect synthetic rope from dirt and UV rays.
  • Newly designed drum attachment and hardware that reduces abrasion on the winch rope under load
  • Comes fully assembled for easy installation.

7/16″ Winch Rope Colors:

  • Black
  • Silver