3/8 Inch Winch Rope - Replacement Winch Rope for 6,000 lb. to 12,000 lb. Winches

3/8″ Winch Rope – 20,000 lbs. Breaking Strength

Our 3/8″ Winch Rope with Safety Thimble is rated at 20,000 lbs. Available in lengths to fit any winch. A Perfect replacement for your worn out synthetic winch rope or if you are upgrading from a cable winch. Our 3/8 Winch Rope with Safety Thimble is available with 10 different color ropes and 5 different color Safety Thimble II’s. These ropes come Pre-Assembled and comes ready with all hardware for easy installation.

Each 3/8 winch rope with Safety Thimble comes with the “ Original” Safety Thimble II. The first winch thimble  designed and manufactured (since 2004) in the USA. Our Safety Thimble II was designed and tested in Johnson Valley and has been used in some of the toughest terrain in off-roading. The Safety Thimble II is the safest and simplest winch termination point available.

Each of our 3/8 winch ropes are tested and certified to meet a minimum breaking strength of 20,000 lbs. and are available in several different lengths to fit your model of winch. Each rope is a 12 strand SK(75) full synthetic rope. They are also available in 10 different colors to match your vehicle. Each rope comes with a minimum of 6 ft. of Nylon Sheathing to place wherever abrasion while winching may occur. Each of our ropes come with our newly designed drum attachment, along with all the hardware needed for an easy installation.

Not sure what size rope you need for your winch, then try our Winch Rope Conversion Chart

3/8 Winch Rope with Safety Thimble Package Includes:

  • 3/8 Synthetic Winch Rope rated at 20,000 lbs. in various lengths
  •  Safety Thimble II in your choice of color
  • 10 ft. Of Nylon Sheathing to help with abrasion
  • New drum attachment and hardware

Each Rope comes Pre-Assembled for easy Installation