Synthetic Winch Rope

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If you are looking to replace your steel winch cable or worn out synthetic rope on your Off-Road vehicle or ATV/UTV, then this customized package is for you. This customized package allows you to choose from 10 different colored Synthetic Winch Ropes, 5 different colored Safety Thimbles, or a standard Steel Eyelet. With every customized package you have the option to add on a Safety Thimble  Off-Road vehicle or ATV/UTV. Each Safety Thimble is designed and manufactured 100% in the USA with 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. This Customized Synthetic Winch Rope Package fits all style of winches for your ATV/UTV & Off-Road vehicle. 

Synthetic Winch Rope Features:

  • Available in the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Lime Green, Military Green, Pink, Purple, Black and Silver.
  • 12 Strand SK-75 Dyneema Synthetic winch rope with a certified 11,500-18,500 lb breaking strength.
  • Black Nylon Sheathing – Helps protect synthetic rope from dirt and UV rays.
  • Newly designed drum attachment on all Off-Road vehicle winches and hardware that reduces abrasion on the winch rope under load
  • Comes fully assembled for easy installation.

Safety Thimble I & II Features:

  • Available in the following colors: Red, Orange, Blue, Black, and Silver
  • Each Safety Thimble is precision CNC machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.
  • The Safety Thimble I is designed for 3/16″ to 1/4″ synthetic winch ropes
  • The Safety Thimble II is designed for 5/16″ to 7/16″ synthetic winch ropes.
  • The design of the eye has a deep groove that provides protection against abrasion of synthetic winch rope.
  • The Flat Base design fits securely against the Hawse Fairlead to prevent damage to synthetic winch rope.
  • Made in the USA! The Safety Thimble is 100% designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped in the USA.