Kinetic Recovery Ropes

1Kinetic Recovery Ropes come in 8,500 lbs., 18,000 lbs and 32,000 lbs., and 46,300 lbs of breaking strength that can pull you out of just about any situation including mud, sand, silt, or snow. Kinetic Recovery Ropes are not only safer than chains or tow straps but provide superior performance, strength and durability. It’s ability to elongate under load allows it to use it’s own kinetic energy to help reduce the amount of energy needed to recover your vehicle.  TRE uses a double braided rope that feature a urethane polymer coating making them resistant to UV, water and abrasion. Our recovery ropes are commercially braided and spliced with heavy duty loops on each end allowing multiple ways to make connections no matter what type of vehicle you are trying to recover.

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Kinetic Recovery Rope Features: 

  • Urethane Polymer Coating to protect against abrasion, water and UV
  • Comes in easy to carry bag
  • Heavy Duty eye loops on each end to make connections easy
  • Ultimate transfer of the pulling vehicle’s kinetic energy by elongating up to 30%
  • Absorbs bounce upon take off unlike cables, chains, or standard tow straps
  • All TRE kinetic recovery ropes have Orange eye loops

There are many common names for Kinetic Recovery Ropes such as Bungee Ropes, Kinetic Energy Tow Ropes, Bubba Ropes, but when you need the best Kinetic Recovery Rope that you can count on, Tactical Recovery Equipment provides you with only quality products!