The Original Safety Thimble II

Hawse Fairleads – Aluminum Winch Hawse Fairleads

 Hawse Fairleads guide your synthetic winch rope from the front of your winch. Our Hawse Fairleads are made from 6061 light-weight, heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum. The Aluminum Hawse Fairleads are precision cut to the exact radii needed when using synthetic winch ropes. TRE offers a Standard Hawse Fairlead, TRE LOGO Standard Hawse Fairlead for use on any winch and a Safety Thimble Hawse Fairleads that allows users who have a Safety Thimble 2 installed on their winch rope to keep the thimble in an upright position to help avoid damage when rock crawling or climbing sharp ledges. All of our Hawse Fairleads come anodized Black with a Mil Spec Type III hard coat to reduce fading.

TRE Hawse Fairleads Advantages:

  • Precision CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Anodized Black Mil Spec Type III Hard Coat to reduce fading
  • Standard Hawse Fairleads bolt pattern for winches up to 12,000lbs
  • Hawse Fairleads opening is designed to cause the least abrasion to synthetic winch rope while under load
  • Scribe line on the back of each fairlead to ensure you have the correct opening diameter for synthetic rope.
  • Made 100% in the USA
  • Comes with all hardware needed for installation

Hawse Fairleads Options:

Standard Hawse Fairlead by TRE is designed to be used with synthetic winch rope. It has been designed to provide the proper radius needed to keep from damaging or fraying your winch rope even under load or during angled pulls.

Hawse Fairlead with TRE Logo is to be used with winch rope. It has been designed the same as the standard hawse fairlead, but incorporate out logo. 100% Made in USA!

Safety Fairlead – Safety Thimble Hawse Fairlead allows the winch safety thimble to be placed in an upright position on the winch hawse fairlead. By having the thimble in an upright position, this keeps it from being the front-most part  of your jeep or off road vehicle. This is especially good for rock crawlers. Now you do not have to worry about hitting your thimble on a rock or ledge that you are about to climb. For use with Safety Thimble II only.